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Group and Private Yoga

A safe space for you to explore how your mind, body and emotions interact through yoga and somatics

Practice Weekly ~
Manage and Maximize Your Energy

Yin Flow ~ Mondays ~ 5:45-6:45pm ~ In-Studio 

A blend of yin, restorative and gentle movement to support ease and
joy in the body/mind ~ All levels.

Themed Yang Yin Flow  ~ 10a-11a In Studio 

A mixture of strengthening and opening poses, kriyas, followed by a
deep relaxation ~ Some yoga experience is very helpful.
A balance of strong holds intertwined with spacious openings ~ Enjoyable for newer & seasoned practitioners.

“Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power.”


Private Yoga ~
Your Personalized Experience

Private yoga sessions allow you to explore the poses and yogic concepts in a personalized way. 


I offers online and in-person private yoga classes that are designed for beginners to the most seasoned practitioner.


These private sessions allow you to ease into yoga in a safer and personalized manner, with proper alignment and a clear focus on your goals and needs. 

I have been teaching yoga for over 20 years and find that yoga is one of the most powerful tools to explore our mental and physical habits. We get to dedicate our yoga practice to challenge what we believe is true about us and surrendering whilst beginning to understand what gets in the way of our Light shining in our relationships and the world.


My signature practice integrates Hatha, Vinyasa and sprinkles of Kriyas. Somatic-emotional techniques will be offered to support a steady, presence-based pace as you deepen into your inner landscape of sensation, observation and personal rhythm in both group settings and one-on-one.

Madia’s Yoga Philosophy and Style


Cari P, Student and YTT Grad

"Under Madia’s guidance, I not only deepened my personal practice but greatly improved my relationship with myself."
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