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Awaken to the Path of Yoga

Discover how you can bring yoga to the world through

a deeper connection with yourself, your practice and within your community

 200hr Yoga Teacher Training 



Know yourself and yoga at a level that models the intertwining of human nature with Divine Love.


Self-reflection and personal growth are the foundations of becoming a grounded, inspiring, and skilled yoga teacher/leader which is why it is the root of our training. When you use self-observation as a tool to learn what brings you more Freedom, you begin to find your own authentic expression as a teacher.


This training is designed to bring yogic philosophies, teachings and practices to life for you.  During our time together, you will have space to experience with curiosity and spaciousness why you do yoga and what you deeply want from your practice.  Through a supportive container you begin to discover how to live your practice and teach from an embodiment of the principles of Yoga.


Everything in this training was created with connection in mind ~ the development of your relationship to your yoga practices, yourself, one another in our learning container and the world. We keep each cohort intimate so that you each receive the full attention you deserve. Discussion time for self-awareness, personal- growth and shared insights is integrated into every module. We go beyond just lecture ~ we value your voice and inner wisdom.


All are
welcomed here ~

Do you have a foundation in yoga that allows you to be ready for the layers of discovery that can create more freedom and options for you? 


Do you want to understand yoga at a level that takes asana into the dimensions of the mind, emotions and spirit that bring deep transformation?

This training is really for ANYONE who is authentically and courageously interested in personal growth.

At the core, this training is a personal growth immersion based in yogic and mind/body healing techniques. The teacher is the strongest student and learns at levels of profound depth, though you do not have to want to teach to join us!

This is a personalized training and is kept intimate to allow for a mentorship relationship to be built between you and Madia

Over our time together, we cover a wide range of topics so that
you have a strong foundation of this lifelong exploration ~

Foundational Energetic & Physical Anatomy

Mindfulness Practices

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

The Chakra System

Breathwork for nervous system regulation

Personal Self-Development

Trauma-sensitive and self-reflective cues

Reflective Yoga Sequencing

Somatic-emotional practices

Yoga as Medicine

Yin and restorative yoga

Sun and Moon Salutations


And much more!

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There is NO competition...
because there is no other YOU!

An investment in YOU

Join This unique, Personalized Program 


Sat & Sun | 9:30a-4p

Mar 9-10

Apr 6-7

Apr 27-28

May 18-19

Jun 8-9

Jun 29-30

Jul 13-14

Aug 3-4 

FULL Tuition Price: $2950

Secure your spot and focus your energy ~

This is a unique personalized program to offers mentorship as a part of the program

 contact Bethanie or Madia |

for more details about what is entailed and begin to get excited about this deeply transformative program

Meet Madia ~

As a pioneer of yoga in this region and a seasoned yoga teacher trainer for 12 years and 25 years as a Licensed Massage Therapist, Yoga Teacher and Embodiment Coach, I never forget the original purpose of creating these trainings for the Chattanooga community ~

I want to inspire people to discover themselves and yoga in a way that reflects the intertwining of our human nature and inner light.

I want to coach people to gain more confidence in teaching a self-aware, safe and engaging (foundational) yoga practice.

One of my greatest joys is to assist students to cultivate a stronger sense of their unique expression and how to

share that with the world with integrity and passion.

 Creating a close, safe space for mental, physical and

emotional exploration in relation to the principles of yoga is primary to me in the offering of this program.

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REGAN M, 2019

If you have ever remotely considered yoga teacher training, this is the one. Madia Swicord gives 100% to her students and her clients.

I cannot imagine the last year of my life without her guidance, laughter, and love.

CARI P, 2019

200 hour YTT with Madia was transformational. She created an intimate environment that felt safe and nurturing allowing me to truly look inward and unite my mind, body, and spirit, the true meaning of yoga. Under Madia’s guidance, I not only deepened my personal practice but greatly improved my relationship with myself.

HALEY P, 2019

My YTT experience with Madia not only enhanced my yoga practice, but helped me to grow as a person. Madia’s authenticity gave me a sense of security and confidence to develop the skills I need to be effective as a yoga instructor and in my career as a counselor.

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